Sunday, March 16, 2014

Back to Work

Finally things are beginning to look towards Spring and nice weather. It's so nice to have longer day light back, I can finally get back to doing stuff with the horses, since it's still light out after I get out of work!

Today, the snow had finally melted enough in the ring that I was able to work the Noseman. As much as I would have really loved to ride, I wound up waking up with a massive migraine that made my neck hurt and made me slightly sick to my stomach, but I still wanted Nosey to get some exercise. So, I decided to turn him loose in the ring, and let him get some energy and sillies out. I love watching him play and try to run and be fast like Wind. 

Now Nosey has sort of been in Semi-Retierment the last couple of years, we still go out for rides on the trails and play in the ring, but he hasn't been in show condition in quite a while, but this year we're getting back into shape. With Wind having the issues that she has been having, and still not knowing what is wrong with her, I don't know what I'm going to be able to do with her this year, if I will be able to any thing. So, with the uncertainty, I decided that I'm going to pull Nosey out of retirement and compete him again this year. 

It's going to be interesting, but fun getting him back in shape and back into the show ring. It's going to be like old times, before I got the mare. I know Nosey is going to be very happy to have more one on one time with me again, hopefully he's going to enjoy be back in work. 

I love my Noseman, and I can't wait to make many more memories with him! 

Before body shot, lets see how he transitions over the season......He looks like a but high baby here not a 20 year old man hehe!

Love him, even when he's a mud pie!

Nosey's smirking at ya!
(I have been teaching the kids some tricks, smiling being one of them, we've got a grin down so far!)


  1. Welcome back! Can't wait to see him. Hopefully Wind will surprise you :)

    1. Thanks! It feels good to be back blogging and back spending time with the ponies! I think once my tax return comes in, I should have a truck again, and I can start see you guys more often and hauling the kids down for some fun!