Monday, June 16, 2014

Fun with the Noseman!

Nosey and I have been having a bunch of fun so far this season, hanging with friends and going off property to ride. This Easter Nosey and I went with our good friend Wendy and her boy Elijah to Melody Farm, to hang out and have some pony fun with Maddy, and to of course ride in their beautiful ring and play on the cross country course there. We had so much fun, and it it felt good to finally get off of the property.

Nosey Boy was such a little trooper, trucking around the place and doing anything I ask of him. He was so awesome out on the XC course, jumping everything I pointed him at and gladly charged his way through the water, with such entheusiasum that I couldn't help but laugh and smile the whole way around the course! Man do I love that little horse, he will do anything for me and give me 110% every time. This was the first time that I had taken this horse over XC fences in a couple of years and I couldn't believe how well he did!

Maddy and Nosey 

Nosey and Maddy up the Bank

Nosey and I also participated in the RISPCA's annual Trail Ride, back in May with W and Elijah, who is Nosey's new best friend, it's so cute, when W comes to pick Nosey and I up to go for a ride, the moment Nosey sees Elijah on the trailer he nickers and and trots right onto the trailer excited to see him!  On the ride we had a bunch of fun, the weather was a bit chilly on the trails by the water, but away from the water the weather was quite comfortable. Noseman definitely was a bit full of himself on our outing, jigging and spooking and the silliest things, but I didn't care when Nosey acts fresh like that, it's how I know that he's feeling good and really enjoying himself!

Once we got back to the trailers and untacked it was time for lunch, but not before Nosey and I ran into an old friend and her boy Ike. Nosey and Ike used to board at the same farm together and were stalled two stalls down from one another. That day was the first time that Ike and Nosey had seen one another is about 9 years, and when they got together, it was like they hadn't missed a day! They sniffed noses, said hello and went right to grazing next to each other, looking like two old men chatting and catching up.

So, fingers crossed, hopefully Nosey and I will be able to go to a couple of shows this year and continue to have lots of fun together, just like old times, when we both were younger.