Friday, May 24, 2013

A New Name

As you've all probably noticed I changed the name of my blog, and you might be wondering why, of course if your not thats okay too. So, I do have a reason for changing the name, and here is why.

I had originally named my blog "Where the Wind Goes" as a clever way of using my Thoroughbred mare's name "Wind". As originally I thought that my blog was going to be all about her and I and the adventures that we have together, but I got to thinking. Wind is not my only horse or even the only critter in my life, so why have a blog that is totally devoted to just her, when I can blog about both of my ponies and of course my other critters too.

At first I wasn't going to change my blogs name, but even though the name was cleaver and I really liked it, it wasn't really conducive for blogging about anything but Wind. So, now I welcome you to "Always An OutLook" Tales of a girl and the horses that make her world go round. I chose this name because for me, I feel that no matter what happens in life, whether it be with horses or just in everyday life, there is always an OutLook. An OutLook could be good or it could be bad, exciting or daunting, but either way there is always an OutLook. This is how I feel when it comes to my horses and all things in general.

So, there ya go why my blog has a new name. I hope that you enjoy my tales of my mare Wind and my gelding Nosey, and all of my critters in between.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's Been Awhile...

Wow it certainly has been quite some time since my last post. Things had been kinda crazy with school and all, but now school has come to an end and I am finally graduating from college. Hopefully now I can keep up with my blog and document Miss Wind's adventures. So, now to catch y'all up on Miss Wind....

Wind Goes To School

The week of April 15th Wind got to spend a week on the farm at URI. She was there to be used in the ELLs (Experiential Learning Labs), see URI offers an Intro to Animal Science class for non-Animal Science students to take as a Gen. Ed. and these students are required to participate in an hour long lab, learning and interacting with the animals on the farm. Now we don't have horses on the farm at URI (crazy I know) so for the ELLs a horse has to be brought in for that week, and since I was required to help out with these labs for a grade I volunteered to bring Wind for the week and teach about horses.

Miss Wind was a very good girl while at school. It took her about a day to settle into her paddock, which was located between two flocks of sheep. All but one of the sheep were afraid of her and ran away when she went near the fence, but this one young ewe (female sheep) who ran right up to her and hung out by the fence next to her all day long. It was too cute!!
New Friends Meet
Awwww Kisses <3

Just Hanging

For the first two days Wind was afraid of the run-in that she had in her paddock, because of this I was a bit worried about her not getting any sleep or being protected if the weather turned nasty. Then on the third day I went out and checked and found that she had used the run-in! I don't think that she laid down at all, but there was at least one new poop pile every morning. The fact that she was using the run-in made me feel a little more at ease, though I couldn't be completely at ease with her being at school overnight, being the over protective, worried mama that I am. hehe.

Oh Hello!

Making friends with Sully
So, everyday I took my girly on at least one walk around the farm. She became very comfortable in her little paddock between the flocks of sheep, and Bonnie, the farms guard donkey, (Wind tried SO hard to make friends with Bonnie but Bonnie wanted nothing to do with her, I think Wind's size scared Bonnie a little bit.) but she was not fond of the other animals one the farm. Especially the PIGS!  After the first two days of visiting the animals, Wind became okay with the Cows, she even made friends with one of them!

As for the pigs, the pigs never made it onto Wind's friends list, and it wasn't for lack of trying on the pigs part. Every time we tried to get near they would get up and run over to the       fence and follow her where ever she went, but Wind wanted NOTHING to do with them and kept rejecting their friend requests. She just snorted at them and stared, on alert, and then tried to run away. What totally turned her off of ever considering becoming friends with the pigs was when we were walking and one of the boars started breeding to one of the sows and there was lots of squealing and moving, and with that she lost what ever last brain cell she had left.

All in all Wind's week at school went really well. She was a very good girl, except for when it was time to go home. On the Friday, a storm came in and it got really windy and began to rain, and by the time my brother-in-law came with the truck to haul her home, it was dark out. So, with all that combined, Wind did NOT want to get on the trailer. It took almost 2 hours, 2 halters, 2 lead ropes, a bucket of grain, and a pitch fork to finally get her on the trailer. Besides that she was a very good girl.
Staring at the Sheep
What Wind thought of sheep poo
That sweet face

Pretty Girl!
So Wind had a game that she played to entertain herself with the sheep. She would stand still and let the sheep come up to her, once the sheep relaxed around her, she would pounce at them, flag her tail and take off running, scaring the crap out the sheep. I think she thought it was quite funny, lol, it was quite funny to watch.


Wind has Rhody pride!!

Saddle Woes

So, I had the chiropractor out to adjust Miss Wind and he was very pleased with how well she was doing since her last adjustment. Like every adjustment, the chiropractor checked the fit of my saddles, and this time he had some bad news for me. Neither of my two saddles fit Miss Wind anymore, I am extremely bummed about this. Now I have to buy two new saddles, which I cannot afford, especially since I have to buy a new truck. So, as of right now I have no saddle, though my amazing friend Kate has let me barrow and try out her Stubben for a little bit, and I can't buy another saddle until I sell my Dressage saddle, which I am having a hell of a time selling. So, until I sell my Dressage saddle and get a new saddle our competition dreams have to, once again, get put on hold. 

So, thats pretty much whats been going on with us, not much riding, but hopefully that will change very soon. As always we will always have adventures and I hope I can share them with you all. 

For now, Where the Wind Blows is Where The Wind Goes.