Friday, May 24, 2013

A New Name

As you've all probably noticed I changed the name of my blog, and you might be wondering why, of course if your not thats okay too. So, I do have a reason for changing the name, and here is why.

I had originally named my blog "Where the Wind Goes" as a clever way of using my Thoroughbred mare's name "Wind". As originally I thought that my blog was going to be all about her and I and the adventures that we have together, but I got to thinking. Wind is not my only horse or even the only critter in my life, so why have a blog that is totally devoted to just her, when I can blog about both of my ponies and of course my other critters too.

At first I wasn't going to change my blogs name, but even though the name was cleaver and I really liked it, it wasn't really conducive for blogging about anything but Wind. So, now I welcome you to "Always An OutLook" Tales of a girl and the horses that make her world go round. I chose this name because for me, I feel that no matter what happens in life, whether it be with horses or just in everyday life, there is always an OutLook. An OutLook could be good or it could be bad, exciting or daunting, but either way there is always an OutLook. This is how I feel when it comes to my horses and all things in general.

So, there ya go why my blog has a new name. I hope that you enjoy my tales of my mare Wind and my gelding Nosey, and all of my critters in between.


  1. They're the cutest little odd couple. Wind likes older men :)

    1. lol, they certainly are an odd couple and have an odd way of showing their love for one another lol.